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Crystals, Rocks & Minerals for Sale. We have a wide variety of crystals, rocks and mineral specimens for sale for sale ranging from common everyday quartz and pyrite to those rare specimens of wulfininte, ruby and emerald. We have educational rock and mineral collections and some large display pieces for your coffee table.

DIY, building, kitchen, deco and garden hypermarket offering the best prices and range. Delivery nationwide. Free Returns in store. Click and Collect.

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Advanced Ceramic Custom Solutions Allied Mineral Products is a global manufacturer of monolithic and precast refractory ceramics. Allied offers a variety of engineered ceramic solutions that can be supported globally by our sales and service networks. Our story Why Allied We're dedicated to being there for you,

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Voermol's range of Supplements for ruminants includes phosphate licks (mineral supplements), production licks (energy supplements) and protein licks (maintenance supplements). Many of these products are also available in block form. Voermol also produces a wide range of quality home mixing Concentrates for finishing cattle, sheep and goats, as well as for use in dairy meal […]

Providing molasses-based animal feed to the ruminant industry. Molatek is one of the leading animal feed companies in South Africa. RCL FOODS. Profitable Stock-Farming. Performance. Expertise. Types: Fattening Concentrates, Maintenance Licks, Production Licks, Energy.

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These easy-to-use, mess-free mineral block attractants have long-lasting power that will keep deer coming back for weeks. Bucks go wild licking mineral blocks, and you'll go wild seeing the racks they grow as a result. Mineral Blocks. Compare Products () 3 Items. Show.

Crystal and Mineral Display Specimens. Minerals are naturally occurring compounds that tend to have a crystalline form. Minerals like quartz, amethyst, fluorite, and agates have a wide range of colors, and they may appear in small or huge formations.

WESenterprises offers you a choice of 20kg blocks and 40kg bags in the form of summer, winter and energy lick. The blocks also contain aloe and are ideal for all animals and game and also help with tick control. TRACE ELEMENTS AND MINERAL SHORTAGES CAN …

296.00. (Click for 3 Views!) 10.0" - 10 Lbs. 5 oz. Magnificent HUGE rare Australian Rain Forest JASPER. 296.00. HUGE 13.5" - 7 Lbs. 10 oz. HUGE Rare Incredibly beautiful dark Ruby-Jack red SPHALERITE (Zinc-Ore) Crystals on sparkling black Sphalerite base! 292.00. HUGE 13.5" - 7 Lbs. 10 oz. HUGE Rare Incredibly beautiful dark Ruby-Jack red ...

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Explore and reshape distant worlds in Astroneer A game of aerospace industry and interplanetary exploration. Astroneer is set during the 25th century's Intergalactic Age of Discovery, where Astroneers explore the frontiers of outer space, risking their lives in harsh environments to unearth rare discoveries and unlock the mysteries of the universe.

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Ruminant Block is a Protein, Mineral, Trace mineral Supplement for cattle, sheep and goats on low quality roughage. The product will be used by dairy farmers, cattle farmers and sheep farmers and is specifically handy where all species are found on one farm, grazing the same camps from time to time.

SUBMIT YOUR BEST SHOT. The future of scent control is here. Introducing ZeroTrace™ " an all-new scent elimination system designed specifically for hunters in the field. Powered by PureION technology, ZeroTrace safely reduces human scent without the damaging effects of harsh oxidation to your health or gear. SHOP ZEROTRACE.

Our mission is to help you grow healthy profitable livestock. For over four decades, Post i ve Feed has been a "Texas Tradition" and the recognized leader in "cooked" molasses supplements!Postive Feed is a family owned and operated busniess that was established by "Crazy" Bob Inglish.

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Twelve to 14 grams of urea intake at once would be fatal to a 50kg sheep. However, intake of 55 grams of urea over a whole day have shown no negative effects. The safety margin for cattle is 120 grams of urea. The presence of natural protein in the licks improves the utilization of urea. Urea is water-soluble.

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Welcome To My Butchers Block My Butcher's Block is celebrating the love for everything local with one of the biggest names in Afrikaans music, Jack Parow. He is also a braai-lover himself, making memories around the fire with his custom engraved My Butcher's Block products. Luckily, you can now also be an owner of these...

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Pure Harvest Rabbit Feed 14% (Cube) Pure Harvest Rabbit Feed 18% (Cube) All products are available in 1kg, 5kg, 25kg and 50kg bag weights. Please contact Richard Tester ( [email protected] ) if you would like more information on the seeds available or if you would like to become a supplier. Our contact number is +27 (0) 21 975 1910.

A mineral lick (also known as a salt lick) is a place where animals can go to lick essential mineral nutrients from a deposit of salts and other minerals.Mineral licks can be naturally occurring or artificial (such as blocks of salt that farmers place in pastures for livestock to lick). Natural licks are common, and they provide essential elements such as phosphorus and the biometals (sodium ...

Feedtek markets a complete range of feed additives (vitamins, minerals, buffers, amino acids and flavourants) and feed additive blends (premixes and concentrates) together with a complete technical support service for mixing feeds for ruminants (dairy, beef and sheep), calves, pigs, poultry, ostriches and game.dairy, beef and sheep), calves, pigs,

12.6" Amethyst Geode Section on Metal Stand - Deep Purple Crystals. $1,895 $1,610. 7.7" Hedenbergite Included Quartz Crystal Cluster - Mongolia. $1,795 $1,525. 9.2" Purple-Green Cuboctahedral Fluorite on Sparkling Quartz - China. $1,795 $1,525. 8.6" Epic, Deep Purple Fluorite Cluster with Muscovite - Mongolia. $1,695 $1,440.

The recommended intake is about 500 - 600g per day. A 20Kg block should last one horse between 33 and 40 days. A 1kg block is also available for stable horses. The Safari Horse Block Lick. Reg. No. V14879 Act 36/1947. Class: Protein, Mineral and vitamin supplement for horses. Protein.

Product Code: V10932. RUMEVITE CATTLE BLOCK is the easiest way of feeding maintenance supplements to all types of cattle; is a concentrated source of protein in block form which leads to a low cost per unit protein; it helps with digestion of dry roughage and pasture since it provides protein and trace minerals that stimulate the rumen bacteria ...

Bottle washing, filling, capping & labelling machine. Made from food-grade industrial stainless steel. Fill from 2000 bottles per hour. Fill glass or plastic bottles. Fill water, juice, oil etc. Various models available. Download info pack and Pricing. Télécharger le pack d'informations et les tarifs. Other Videos.

Play free online games; car games, racing games, puzzle games, match 3 games, bubble shooting games, shooting games, zombie games, and games for . New games every day!

Our Blocks & Minerals. West Feeds has a complete line of protein and mineral blocks and tubs, as well as high-quality loose minerals for various classes of livestock. Most grazing and browsing livestock classes need some protein supplementation when their diet consists primarily of hay.

Alzu Vetmix30 is a HPC for Cattle Farmers that want to mix their own cattle finisher feed and have Maize/Homany Chop available. This farm feed contains UREA. Specifications: Protein 300g/kg min. Moisture 120g/kg max. Fat 25g/kg min. Urea 60g/kg max. Calsium 46g/kg min. Phosphorous 10g/kg min.

Himalayan Nature Natural Himalayan Rock Deer Salt Block - Animal Licking Mineral Salt Block,2 to 5 Lbs, Packaging may vary. 4.4 out of 5 stars 796 $10.87 $ 10 . 87

Sheep Lekker Lick Block is a Protein, Mineral, Trace mineral, Energy Supplement to be used before, during and after lambing, and that could be used all year round for wool breeds. During lambing his product assists the ewe with udder development, milk production and prevents thick colostrum which is often the cause of ewes rejecting lambs.


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